Beachcombers Cottage


Beachcombers Cottage


105 Clark Road
RD 11 Greenhills

Owner: Marilyn & Alan Clark

Phone: 027 463 9649

Entrance Fee: Gold coin

Size Of Garden: 1/2 acre

Age Of Garden: 13 years

Style: Eclectic wonderland

Picnics Allowed: Yes

Toilets: No

Accommodation: No

Car Parking: Yes

Weddings: Yes

Beachcombers cottage is a magical place for young and old. Over the last fourteen years we have created an eclectic wonderland garden. Alan my husband is an avid beachcomber always bringing something home from his daily walks, aided by Tracker Black who drops unique items in to us. Nothing goes to waste. All these items get converted into garden sculptures that will tickle your humour, delight the children and relax your mind.

We have sectioned the garden off into several functional areas these include large vegetable gardens with startling scarecrows, quiet nooks to sit and contemplate, a picnic area to bask in and admire the awesome sculptures. Chickens roam around their area mixing easily with their strange and wonderful garden friends. Keep an eye out these wonderful creatures are to be found in all the nooks and crannies. Some tower over you and some will need to be found.

We have swings made from mussel buoys, a enchanting garden shed that began with a leadlight window and grew from there and bikes with fishing buoys for wheels. Even our sheds and cottage are covered with whimsical art work. I also make and sell cards.

Our garden is a testimony that you can build a magical heaven on a shoestring. Come and be inspired.

Open by appointment, group bookings advised in advance.