Our house was built approximately 40 years ago the then owners built stone walls and placed large statues at the entrance. The large elms which give our property its name were planted then. In summer the new foliage is a delight to see.

When we purchased the property seventeen years ago we cleared the garden, leaving the stonewalls and large statues and started again. We have a pond system that cascades from one pool to another. Large goldfish occupy the bottom pool.  At the top of the pool system a sheltered picnic table looks out to the distance hills and farmland.

Box hedging frames formal rosebeds. Perennials and bulbs give a stunning display in spring and summer. Pergolas and walkways give the garden structure and definition. Large trees give the driveway a sense of occasion. Cherry trees line the main road and are stunning in spring.

Come and walk around our garden, sit awhile in one of our cosy nook.

Open by appointment, group bookings advised in advance.