Ten minutes from central Invercragill you will find a stunning garden which has evolved over 8 years.When we purchased the property  we were confronted with 5 acres of land with decades of neglect, overgrown trees, waist high weeds and mountains of rubbish. Although you could see that there were good bones in some areas. We have put in hours of hard slog  chainsawing, digging and now the the garden has become  worthy of showing off. The garden will always be evolving as Trev consistently wants to refine and add more areas; the sheep are becoming an endangered species.

We have planted herbaceous species, bulbs, rhododendrons, shrubs, trees native plants, hedges, climbers and several hundred roses. A large vegetable garden, tunnel house and a few chickens ensure we are almost self sufficient in food. The old hazelnut orchard is gradually being replaced with fruit trees.

Our plants have come from many sources including relocating unwanted gardens to our place. Throughout the garden we have old farm machinery, comfortable sitting areas so take time out to sit and hear the birds sing.

The garden is also home to an amazing collection of sculptures that Trev creates - Hugs Bugs n Stuff  they are  made from recycled garden tools, farm machinery and metal bits and bobs. These are all for sale.

We also have Bed and Breakfast accomodation come and stay a while and be treated to homegrown and homemade produce.

Open by appointment, group bookings advised in advance.