Located just 3 kilometres from Owaka in the Catlins, Earthlore is unique in that many faceted gardens are specifically designed to inspire and educate visitors while at the same time, providing a fun experience for the whole family. Our activities encourage everyone to help fight to conserve New Zealand’s vast array of native species. To this end we are one of the few gardens open to the public to actively integrate “weeds” into the garden design. This is because many of our native insect rely solely on those so called “ weed species” to survive. Behind the traditional Gypsy caravan you will find our Frisbee course which is set amongst the developing food forest. Along the course you will find many heirloom fruit trees  - some rescued from old homesteads in the Catlins  - there are also many other unusual edibles.  Along with the Gypsy Caravan, Food Forest, Bug city and flea Circus puppet show we have a small sales table where we offer insect host and food plants for sale plus we offer advice on creating gardens to attract butterflies and other interesting insects .An insect garden where Inspector Insector leads children on insect investigations to teach them about the insect world and a shed the Big Top – which will house an insect themed puppet show, plus an insect Conservation Habitat which includes some plant species which are rare or endangered in the wild